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Energy does not disappear. Energy is. A past trauma, whether it's unknown or known to you manifests as energy that has influence over everything you do, want, achieve, manifest and live. The Family Constellation work focuses on this unseen energy that is usually felt by you as "something holding you back", something that keeps you from living the life you desire, the relationship you want, the health you feel you deserve and transforms it into a positive force in your life.The Family Constellation work was founded by Virginia Satir and later brought to a broader audience by the wonderful Bert Hellinger.


A family constellation session allows you to uncover pain, suffering or trauma that has occurred in your family history but was maybe never talked about. This trauma energy is then projected onto future generations who, unless it's transformed and healed, suffer from the emotional, physical and spiritual consequences of that energy.


This can manifest as anxiety, sadness, fear, depression, addiction or sever anger. What makes this work so wonderful is, that it only requires you, not any other members of your family, as the participant and it does not require additional therapy or coaching, although this might be advisable temporarily in some cases.Please send us an email to for additional information.


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