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If you have ever joined us for a Live INSPIRED Livestream, you know that it's a very interactive time, where we aim to answer as many questions as possible and cover a lot of topics.

However, to go deeper, offer in-depth practices and exercises and to create an environment for transformational personal and spiritual development, we are offering the

INSPIRED I - a 4 - Week Live Course where we interact in a 90-minute video group call with a limited number of people on a weekly basis.

These Live Courses are open to anyone who wants to tap into their true power and create lasting, inspiring change in their life - whether it's in their health, finances, love life or professional life. 

The main focus will be on

  • Identifying and transforming your blocks

  • Learning the basic principles of deliberate creation and the laws of the Universe

  • Getting in touch with your authentic desires

  • Finding and expanding your purpose

  • Transforming fear energy into creative energy

  • Learning how to quiet your mind and connect to source energy

  • Understanding the connection between body, mind and spirit

  • Taking full and unconditional responsibility for your wellbeing

  • Learning tools, exercises, practices and rituals to overcome daily challenges

  • Feeling the transformative power of a Quantum Leap Experience (part of the INSPIRED II course)

      Periodical conversations with EUCY and the ability to ask questions will be part of        the INSPIRED COURSES.


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