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INSPIRED I - a pre-recorded 4 - Week Course so you can do it on your own time.

The Course is open to anyone who wants to tap into their true power and create lasting, inspiring change in their life - whether it's in their health, finances, love life or professional life. 

The main focus will be on

  • Identifying and transforming your blocks

  • Learning the basic principles of deliberate creation and the laws of the Universe

  • Getting in touch with your authentic desires

  • Finding and expanding your purpose

  • Transforming fear energy into creative energy

  • Learning how to quiet your mind and connect to source energy

  • Understanding the connection between body, mind and spirit

  • Taking full and unconditional responsibility for your wellbeing

  • Learning tools, exercises, practices and rituals to overcome daily challenges

  • Feeling the transformative power of a Quantum Leap Experience (part of the INSPIRED II course)



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