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We are lacking real authentic feminine divinity. No schools, jobs, ads, TV etc. are promoting authentic feminine divinity. Its all about comparison, sex, its all about looking good or sexy on the outside and pleasing someone else and their ideas of what a woman should be. Everything we see on a screen today - fashion, makeup, hair etc. - is based on what someone believes women should look and act like and how they should express themselves. 


In this course I invite you on a journey to discover YOUR true authentic feminine divinity. I want you to get in touch with YOUR DIVINE POWER as a woman, discover what authentic feminine divinity really means to you & how you can explore, integrate, express and live it. In an intense weekend workshop (Friday, Saturday and Sunday each 1 1/2 hours) we are diving deep into this magical topic. It’s already within you, you were born with it. Now, let’s awaken it together.

Please send us an email to for additional information.


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