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IlI Lagos

Inspired Course I


I had an incredibly transformative experience during the inspired tribe I & II courses. It was both inspirational and challenging, which is required for optimal transformation. I treasure both Jean and Kristin as well as the tools and wisdom they shared so generously. I loved every minute of our time together. They leave you loved, supported, and empowered. They helped me realize how powerful I really am. Priceless.
Ili the peaceful warrior

Rose J.

Inspired Course III

The inspired courses have helped me expedite my spiritual journey.  I am so grateful for the experience of working with Jean and Kristin along with meeting others in our group.  It was amazing to see the transformation in my life and the others in our group.  The exercises and meditations in the courses have been life changing.  Jean and Kristin have lovely, authentic personalities that guide you along the way.  I highly recommend these courses!


Cindy F.

EUCY Session

"Hi Jean and Kristin! 

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's EUCY session.  I felt so loved.  The energy was beautiful.  I love what you are doing and the light and love that you are facilitating. I would imagine that when you both started out on this journey, you imagined your life’s mission to be very similar to what you are experiencing right now.  Sharing your knowledge, inspiring others to expand their consciousness, and to do it TOGETHER.   You’re an amazing team, and I love to watch each of you be your best selves, and see two whole beings come together to create something beautiful."  

Ema T. B.

Inspired Course I, EUCY Session

I remember feeling stuck, confused and unworthy...asked the Universe for a sign and the most incredible things started to happen.I stumbled upon an Inspired Tribe Lovestream and it was amazing, an epiphany. The inspired courses were the natural step, after 10weeks of zoom calls and all the "work"(it didn't feel like work,I learned some pretty cool things)I feel like a NEW ME!These courses helped me TAKE MY POWER BACK,I feel Confident,Trusting the Process,EMPOWERED!!!I have a better understanding of life in general and have created a beautiful connection with my Inner Being!!!I  have learned to enjoy life more and expect the most amazing things and the Universe is responding accordingly!Made some great friends too!!Highly recommend these courses, you will not regret it!!!Love and blessings to everyone!

Nelly R. G.

Inspired Course I & II

I loved the Inspired I course so much that I automatically in-rolled in the second course.. I’ve learned so much about myself.. I love that Kristin and Jean are so understanding , they never judge were you are in your own journey they are patient.. And I love meeting my fellow inspired tribe members ❤️❤️

Agnieszka M.

Inspired Course I 

If you are looking to expand yourself this inspired I course is for you. It’s awesome. I was a little bit lost with the LOA but this course gave me so much clarity about myself. Now I feel so much happier and calmer. I see my path and everything has changed for better I can’t ask for more. Besides, I met fantastic people and the hosts are amazing! Best people ever!!! Everything is above my expectations. That was the best decision ever.

Thank you Kristin and Jean.

Ili L.

Inspired II

The inspired living group has been an integral part of my spiritual journey. Jean and Kristin’s authenticity makes them trustworthy and sincere. They have helped me expand my loving awareness, thus supporting my personal development. The best part is they have helped me fall in love with myself and this is priceless! Invest in yourself! Realize your power! Namaste! 




Lilith S.


"I highly recommend having a 1:1 session with EUCY. I had one this week and it’s truly an amazing experience!!"


Ema T.B.

Inspired Course II

I have been on a spiritual journey search ever since I can remember. Finding the Inspired Channel on YouTube was the answer I had been praying for. The

Inspired Course I  was the next natural step. I have found myself, my true self thanks to this courses. I have learned so much and I am still learning, This is changing my life in the most amazing ways. Every day is a new and exciting adventure!!! My heart is full of love and gratitude!!!


"I had probably lost connection with you guys but now I am watching its so heart touching and I feel something amazing within me happening right now and its great experience, You were right Jean it was me and thanks so much love and blessings for you and Kristin."

Angela B.S.

Inspired Course I & II, EUCY Session

I took both of the inspired classes one and two. It was Wonderful inspirational and Life Changing.

I was recently asked on a scale from 1 to 10 where would you put your self love. I said after the inspired tribe courses or before. 

Before the courses I would give myself a ZERO. Everyone else came first. My life was filled with making sure everyone was happy. And there's the rub. Happiness comes from the inside. I can't make people happy, so I was seriously failing at life. 

The inspired courses have shown me who I am. Taught me that I am capable of doing anything I can imagine and I have everything I want. I am still a work in progress and enjoy our weekly sessions so I am the ever constant student. 

I have tools that Jean and Kristin have taught me to use. In them I have support and love. I am Happy and I am Important to me. I enjoy my time with my family and my positivity is contagious. Today on the self love scale I would give myself an 8. I am now able to spread my wings and fly. It is a wonderful feeling to know who you are and that your capabilities are endless.


"I love the comment you said about feeling sorry for others. I believe this is something that affects my healing for others drastically.. feeling sorry for them and unfortunately allowing to suck the negative energy they have which doesn't serve either of us. The perspective you have given will help me a lot in the future."


Agnieszka M.

Inspired Course II

The Inspired I & II courses were just amazing. Kristin and Jean are beautiful souls. First they show you the right path to find yourself and your inner being and tools how to make your life better.
And then... the inspired II course just blew my mind totally. I'll never regret this because that was awesome. I just feel complete and on my path. And I know if I will be off my path I have tools to come back and go with the flow again and how cool is this?! Now I can study LOA on a completely different level. Thank you Kristin and Jean, your courses are amazing as you are too. Thank you, thank you!

Michael S.

Inspired Course I,II&III

This courses will change your life and you will feel the transformation on your path and it shifts you into the real YOU.

The big „boom“ moments happen in the enlightened and simple moments of your present being.

Enjoy your enlightenment ride!

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