We love nothing more than inspiring people to truly transform themselves and their lives…well, we also love the beach very much. So when it was time to pick a place for our upcoming YATO retreat, it had to be Cape San Blas, Florida, one our favorite beaches in the world.

From September 30 - October 3, 2021, we will leave our every day lives behind and through meditations, self-realization journeys, group exercises and spiritual & physical breakthrough experiences, we will create a true shift in energy to create a true shift in your life.

Together we will experience the unexperienced and tap into your true potential.
YATO is the name of the game - You Are The One!

If this speaks to your soul, then join us now - space is limited!
If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out 365inspiredliving@gmail.com.

WHEN: 9/30 5pm EST - 10/3, 2021 1:30pm EST

WHERE: Cape San Blas (Port Saint Joe), Florida

WHO: Kristin and Jean Nolan, founders of the INSPIRED Channel & the INSPIRED Tribe, will be your guides

PRICE: $490.00 

Please note that all bookings are final & we do not provide refunds. Fee includes the seminar and all related activities and does not include meals and lodging.